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Elements and Alignments

Magical Starsign is a Nintendo DS game from some years back that I thought I might want to check out, but didn’t until fairly recently. It’s a turn-based role-playing game that makes heavy use of the stylus, which is a … Continue reading

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Final Fantasy Junior

Picture by SlyShinie Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest has long been criticized for its simplistic nature, but that doesn’t mean some of us don’t have a soft spot for it. Recently, I came across this post defending the game, and it … Continue reading

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Look Out, There’s a Monster Coming

I read a post today about random encounters in role-playing video games, and I agree that they can be pretty annoying. It actually works both ways, too. Not only do enemies tend to randomly show up at the least opportune … Continue reading

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Nerd Rock with Erdrick

Descendants of Erdrick, Down Right Heavy – It seems like bands covering themes from video games is now a trend, and one that I welcome. After all, there’s plenty of nostalgic value in hearing this music again. Even back in … Continue reading

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A Side of Cid

If you’ve played or even heard a significant amount about a Final Fantasy game, you probably know about Cid. There are actually different Cids, one in each FF game except the first, and he was even sort of retconned into … Continue reading

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