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Capturing Carpio

I came across the name of Bernardo Carpio when researching sleeping heroes, but I felt he probably deserved his own post. As he’s said to cause earthquakes, he’s more like the imprisoned Ymir or Loki in Norse mythology than the … Continue reading

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Unreal American Heroes

When writing about tall tales, I would be remiss not to mention what I’m sure many Americans think of when they hear the term, which is the adventures of frontier folk heroes. These include actual people whose deeds were exaggerated, … Continue reading

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I’ve Struck Eulenspiegel

To close out April Fools’ Day, let’s take a look at one of the most famous pranksters in history. Well, at least he’s supposed to be famous, but I’ve hardly heard of him. I’m referring to Till Eulenspiegel, a German … Continue reading

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Naniboujou Returns

Recently, my dad, who’s been traveling around the country, asked me if I’d heard of Naniboujou. I had to admit I hadn’t, so I thought some research might be in order. He’s a significant part of Anishinaabe mythology, which means … Continue reading

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