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I Will Survive

It’s fascinating how many different scenarios people have come up with for the total collapse of society. I haven’t really done much research into the Preppers or Survivalists, those who stock up on provisions in their bomb shelters so they’ll … Continue reading

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It’s Slavery, But Not, Like, SLAVERY Slavery, You Know?

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that my wife used to force me to watch Fox News. Not because she liked it, but because she’s drawn to things that annoy her, and wants to share them with me. I get it, … Continue reading

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Baby, You Can Drive My Karma

The way I view religion, it has to have one or more conscious entities controlling the universe. I don’t know that it necessarily has to include a code of behavior, but religions almost invariably do. There’s also frequently an overriding … Continue reading

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My Cupp Runneth Over

I looked on RationalWiki the other day for some information on Kent Hovind, and I got caught up in reading other articles on there. While I don’t know that I’m that keen on the name (everyone wants to think they’re … Continue reading

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Demons at Work

I’m sure we all know by now that such things as barcodes and Procter & Gamble are satanic, but we’ve apparently barely scratched the surface. At least that’s what Pat Robertson says. It apparently can’t be the case that Ouija … Continue reading

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Bend It Like Glenn Beck

I’ve heard rumblings that some members of the Religious Right are peeved at Glenn Beck’s assuming the position of a conservative religious leader when he’s a Mormon. After all, Mormons believe something slightly different about their wrathful, bloodthirsty deity than … Continue reading

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French, Music, and Brainwashing, Extra

Hey, did you know that colleges are left-wing indoctrination centers? The funny thing is that not everyone who graduates from college ends up being left-wing, so I guess they’re not very GOOD indoctrination centers. Some right-wingers are intent on spreading … Continue reading

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Restoring Horror

I thought Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally yesterday would be good for either a few laughs or some righteous anger, but from what I’ve seen of it, it’s mostly just boring. To even call it a rally is pitching it … Continue reading

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Party Down

I love when I hear that people are annoyed that Obama hasn’t done enough about the unemployment rate, so they want to vote Republican in the next election. I’m also irritated at Obama’s reluctance to do anything, but when have … Continue reading

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