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The Riddle of the Individdle

I’ve heard a few times now that part of the problem in the United States regarding COVID-19 is that American individualism leads to people not caring about the collective good, leading to people refusing to take basic safety precautions like … Continue reading

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Conflicting Covenants

One thing I’ve heard a fair amount for Christians that doesn’t seem to really hold up is that Jesus’ sacrifice and resurrection freed believers from the Jewish law. And yet the same people will quote verses from Leviticus to condemn … Continue reading

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Who Wants to Be a Welfare Queen?

This Tumblr post makes a great point about how upset people get about poor people possessing any sort of luxuries (or what they consider luxuries, anyway) at all. Because apparently if you don’t get your kid a PlayStation, you can … Continue reading

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God Is Teasing Me, Just Like He Teased Moses in the Desert

A frequently used argument for religion is that it’s a comfort to people, and in no way do I disagree with this. There are definitely times when I wish I knew that there was some meaning to my life, that … Continue reading

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