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Monstrous Fun for the Whole Family

I’ve been writing about Dragon Quest a fair amount recently. I went back and finished Dragon Quest VI about a month ago, and last week I did the same with Dragon Quest V. I actually had even less of that … Continue reading

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A Tale of Supernatural Immigration

The Golem and the Jinni, by Helene Wecker – I actually first saw this book at Target, and was immediately drawn to the title. After checking out some reviews, I checked it out from the library. Wecker is Jewish and … Continue reading

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Music Hath Charms to Soothe the Savage Dragon

Since I’ve had magical flutes and whistles on my mind recently, I thought of how there were several in the Dragon Quest series. The very first game has the Fairy Flute, called the Pixie Flute in the Game Boy version, … Continue reading

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Bartimaeus Is Back

The Golem’s Eye, by Jonathan Stroud – The second volume in the Bartimaeus Trilogy continues with a story seen from multiple points of view. One of the main characters is again Nathaniel, better known as John Mandrake, a young magician … Continue reading

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Dalton Fink

Anyone else who reads Captain SNES will have noticed that Dalton from Chrono Trigger recently made an appearance, and I thought he might be an interesting enough character to use as the focus of a post. Dalton is the head … Continue reading

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Black Francis, The Golem – I’m not too keen on the “hardest-working person” title, but it definitely seems like Charles Thompson (AKA Black Francis, AKA Frank Black) is pretty far up there. He’s quite eclectic, too, with a project he … Continue reading

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