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A House Full of Ginger

Gingerbread houses are a well-known Christmas tradition, not that I’ve ever seen anyone actually make one. They’re a pretty cool idea, though. The idea of objects made of foodstuffs is an old one in legends throughout the world, especially when … Continue reading

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Fairy Tales from the Final Frontier

I haven’t been doing a lot of book reviews recently, have I? Well, maybe I have and just can’t remember. Regardless, I just finished one book and had a few others I didn’t think I could say enough about to … Continue reading

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So Much for My Happy Ending

This comic got me thinking about stock openings and closings for fairy tales, particularly the latter. I’m terrible at coming up with endings. You may have noticed that a lot of my posts end pretty abruptly. Anyway, the “happily ever … Continue reading

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And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Breadcrumbs

Let’s see. How about Hansel and Gretel for a fairy tale post this week? This story is best known from the version recorded by the Brothers Grimm, who added a lot of the elements we now associate with the tale. … Continue reading

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Stepping on Stepmothers

One archetype that shows up a lot in fairy tales is that of the evil stepmother. Actually, some of them were apparently added in when the stories were already quite old. According to The Annotated Brothers Grimm, the Grimms’ earliest … Continue reading

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