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Toying with the Occult

Ah, the Ouija Board. Who doesn’t love the idea of a means of possession by evil spirits that you can buy at Toys “R” Us? I’ve never used one myself, but I’ve heard plenty of stories of girls at sleepovers … Continue reading

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The Age of Cooties

Another game I can remember from my own very early childhood is Cootie, a quite simple affair that involves building a bug based on rolls of a die. Each number rolled corresponds to a certain body part on the bug, … Continue reading

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Where You’re the Doctor

Since it’s Game Day, here’s a post on another game, specifically Operation. You might well remember this game from your childhood. I do, anyway. It was invented in the sixties by an industrial design student named John Spinello. Hasbro has … Continue reading

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Crammed in My Cranium

Beth and I played Cranium for the first time ever on Saturday night, and while I usually put personal stuff like that on my LiveJournal, I figured it would fit in with my Monday board game posts. I couldn’t find … Continue reading

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