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The Darlings of Slumberland

With the new Little Nemo comic series by Eric Shanower, Gabriel Rodriguez, and Nelson Daniel now in its third issue, I thought checking out the history of this franchise might not be amiss. I believe I first heard of Little … Continue reading

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Magic Castles in the Air

Castle in the Sky – Another Studio Ghibli film written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki, this one is based on the idea of the lost civilization possessing extraordinary technology. In this case, the society is the flying island of Laputa, … Continue reading

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The Little Maiden of the Sea

Ponyo – Originally known in Japanese as Gake no ue no Ponyo (literally “Ponyo on the Cliff”), this was a 2009 release from Studio Ghibli. Partially inspired by The Little Mermaid (both the original Andersen story and the Disney film), … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Toxic Jungle

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind – This Hayao Miyazaki film was originally released in 1984 in Japan, but it was some time before we got a decent dub of it in this country. One thing I have to … Continue reading

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The Howl-Bound Heart

Howl’s Moving Castle – I finally got around to watching this today. I’d already read the book a few years ago, but I’d forgotten parts of it, due to Diana Wynne Jones’s tendency to introduce a lot of intricacies in … Continue reading

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On Sunday night, I stayed up late watching Princess Mononoke. Since Beth didn’t like Spirited Away, which I thought was quite good, I decided it would make sense to see this one alone. The fact that I had trouble staying … Continue reading

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Pardon Me Boy, Is This the Chattanooga Chocobo?

I’ve already talked about Chocobos, the giant birds that are used as transportation in the Final Fantasy games, in several entries, most notably this one. Having examined the entries on Chocobos on Wikipedia and the Final Fantasy Wiki, however, I’d … Continue reading

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