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Mission: Empusa-ble

While our culture currently has a pretty specific idea of what vampires are, legends of bloodsucking creatures aren’t limited to any one historical culture, and the details can vary quite a bit. I’ve focused on some of these regional vampires … Continue reading

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Do Not Forget to Remember

My LiveJournal friend Laura mentioned a few weeks ago that she didn’t like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. because of Agent Coulson’s desire to hide things from the public, and that she disliked Men in Black for much the same reason. I … Continue reading

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Darn It to Hecate

I’d been meaning to write about Hecate for a while now, so since it’s about time for a mythology post, how about now? Perhaps my earliest source for the names and functions of the gods was an old encyclopedia that … Continue reading

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