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The Bluths Are Back

Beth and I have finally finished watching the fourth season of Arrested Development, which is actually only fifteen episodes long. I don’t think anyone knows what will happen next, but I’ve seen rumors of a movie and a fifth season. … Continue reading

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Things I Learned from the Republican Debates

1. All the problems in this country are your fault. And when I say “your,” I mean people who need to work for a living. The remaining candidates seem to be agreed that the economic crisis could be solved if … Continue reading

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God vs. Mammon

Is big-business capitalism contrary to the teachings of Jesus? Really, I’d say just about any political or economic system isn’t really compatible with the teachings of Jesus. Dude thought the world was going to end soon, and that kind of … Continue reading

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Protest and Contest

I’m really not keeping up with the news about the Occupy Wall Street movement and its various spin-offs, but I have to say they sound like a good idea. The question is whether they’ll actually do any good. I can’t … Continue reading

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