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Fuzzy Pickles

I started playing EarthBound last week when I found it on the Super NES for Switch application. It probably wasn’t the best timing as the Switch version of Chrono Cross also came out that week, but I’ve been switching back … Continue reading

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Happy Hippie Me Today

A few days ago, we watched the movie version of Hair, based on the hippie musical with good music and practically no plot. In fact, what plot WAS there was pretty much a downer, as Claude ended up having to … Continue reading

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We All Hate Poverty, War, and Injustice, Unlike the Rest of You Squares

The latest episode of Real Time (which, by the way, had John Waters on the panel) ended with Bill Maher talking about Occupy Wall Street, which I kind of didn’t know was still a thing. Then again, I also forget … Continue reading

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