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The Gods Must Be Choosy

Paul Dana suggested a few weeks ago that I should look into the concept of chosen people in religion, and how common that was. Nowadays, it’s mostly used to refer to the Jewish people, or sometimes to other religions that … Continue reading

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The Devil’s Busy Decade

I had heard of the phrase “Satanic panic” before (hey, it’s very catchy), and had some idea of what it entailed, but I thought it was worth looking into a little more. While there are many components, the phrase largely … Continue reading

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I Have Learned the Value of Human Sacrifice

Human sacrifice is a quite controversial subject, as a lot of the information we have on it was provided by enemy cultures that might have been trying to slander other groups. It kind of seemed to me that people who … Continue reading

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Turning to Tanit

Tanit was the chief goddess of Carthage, the one-time greatest rival of the Roman Empire. The city was founded by immigrants from Phoenicia, and was probably a Phoenician colony before turning to self-rule. While Tanit is mostly associated with Carthage, … Continue reading

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Burn Up the Old, Ring in the New

I have to say that I find the notion of religious sacrifice to be rather interesting. I don’t mean sacrifice in the broadest sense of simply giving up something you care about, but the offering of objects, animals, and sometimes … Continue reading

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Water Power

I came across this picture of the Aztec goddess Atlacamani on Tumblr, and figured she might make a good subject for a mythology post. She’s a goddess of oceanic storms, conjuring hurricanes and tidal waves. Evidence suggests that she is … Continue reading

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Oh Yeah, No Head

I’ve previously written about cephalophores, and recently watched Disney’s adaptation of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and that led me in the direction of the dullahan. A dullahan, also known as Gan Ceann (literally “without a head”) is an Irish … Continue reading

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It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Gets Sacrificed

Hey, isn’t there some kind of big sporting event tomorrow/today? Seriously, I find that Superbowl time is a good opportunity to go out, since there aren’t any crowds. This year, though, I’m working at the time. I wonder if the … Continue reading

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