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Don’t Get Soros at Me

One of the mail bombs found in the last few days was sent to George Soros, someone I think I’ve only heard of from right-wing conspiracy theories. Conservatives blame this guy for EVERYTHING they don’t like, from funding protests to … Continue reading

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Moving to a Magical Monarchy

Happy birthday, Ozma! It seems common among Oz fans to consider Ozma to be, in a way, our monarch, and Oz as a place we’d like to escape to someday if it were at all possible. C. Warren Hollister’s essay … Continue reading

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The Trials of Tribalism

Occasionally, I’ll hear a bit of weird tribalism I just don’t understand. Like, I believe Donald Trump recently said something about how you wouldn’t like it if you lost your job to an undocumented immigrant. I don’t want to lose … Continue reading

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License to Drivel

Sarah Palin promoting Donald Trump makes a lot of sense. Even though one’s from the country and the other from the city, they have a similar speaking style: abrasive, offensive, mostly nonsensical, in a strong regional accent, and seemingly confident. … Continue reading

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Defiling the Sanctuary

Illegal immigration continues to be one of the major issues discussed by the Republican presidential candidates, which just goes to show how eager their voter base is to stick it to people who aren’t affecting them in any way. It’s … Continue reading

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Perrying the Trump

Rick Perry has recently made the news for his criticism of Donald Trump, because really, what else does he have to distinguish himself from the other Republican candidates? I know I sometimes confuse him with Ted Cruz. Running for President … Continue reading

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Let the World Work

Here’s something I came across on Tumblr: Yeah, because we citizens really want those jobs picking lettuce, right? But here’s the thing. Even if undocumented immigrants ARE competing for the same jobs, why aren’t they just as entitled to them? … Continue reading

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