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I Guess You Can Kill the Boogeyman After All

I have three movie reviews this time, all of fairly new films, although that wasn’t really intentional. Two are relevant to the Halloween season and one not, and it should probably go without saying that there are SPOILERS for all … Continue reading

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Down with the Clown

It Chapter Two – SPOILERS! – Twenty-seven years after the events of the first film, and two years later in real life, the members of the Losers Club have moved all over the country, many in successful careers, and having … Continue reading

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In for a Pennywise, Out for a Clown

It – SPOILERS! (Do I need to put in the warning, or is that not something people bother with anymore?) I’ve never read the book (or anything by Stephen King, actually), but I did see the miniseries some time ago. … Continue reading

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