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I’m Like a Bird

I Am Big Bird – A documentary about Caroll Spinney, the guy who’s been performing as Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch since the beginning of Sesame Street back in 1969. While it’s really cool that he’s still doing this, … Continue reading

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Hand Over That Rabbit Fur Coat

It’s now been ten years since the release of Jenny Lewis’ first solo album, Rabbit Fur Coat, and she’s now forty. The record has sort of a country/gospel sound to it, with the Watson Twins providing accompaniment. To mark this, … Continue reading

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Warp Whistling in the Dark

When Super Mario Bros. 3 came out, it was apparently known that there were three magic whistles that allowed you to skip to another world before anybody knew where they were. I have to wonder if anybody ever found one … Continue reading

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Robes of the Queen

I’m still listening quite a bit to the new Weird Al record, but I did get a few other albums recently, and might as well say something about them. Jenny Lewis, The Voyager – Not long before this album came … Continue reading

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The Omega Dog

Bolt – The forty-eighth of Disney’s official animated films is the story of a dog who stars on a television show and believes his TV life to be real. There’s more than a hint of The Truman Show there, although … Continue reading

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Breakfast Every Hour, It Could Save the World

A few months ago, Amanda Palmer wrote on her blog about the song “Delilah,”, which appears on the second Dresden Dolls album Yes, Virginia. It’s not one of my favorites on the album, but it’s quite poignant, being about a … Continue reading

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The Cute Invasion

It sometimes seems like everyone who’s become famous in one artistic field automatically thinks they can master others. How many actors do we see putting out albums, or musicians thinking they can act? That said, they’re certainly not all of … Continue reading

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