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Screw Your Eye

Darkman – Back in the nineties, there was a program they showed around Halloween for a few years called Horror Hall of Fame, hosted by Robert Englund and the Crypt-Keeper, that discussed recent horror movies. Sometimes they had to stretch … Continue reading

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A Day or a Lifetime

I haven’t really watched a whole lot of movies at home recently. We still have the Netflix subscription with both the DVDs through the mail and streaming services. It seems like a lot of people now just have the latter, … Continue reading

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We Scare Because We Care

Monsters Inc. – I thought I’d written about this movie the first time I saw it, but I can’t locate such a post, so I’m doing so after a rewatch last night. It looks at the childhood myth of monsters … Continue reading

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There Is a King That Will Steal Your Soul

Here are some thoughts on three movies I’ve watched recently: True Stories – A weird film directed and co-written by David Byrne, who also stars in it as an interactive narrator. Presented as a slice of life in a Texas … Continue reading

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