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So Much for Love Trumping Hate

Yes, the United States has decided to elect as its leader someone with no experience, no platform, no compassion, no self-control, and no sense of decency. Also he brags about sexual molestation. A lot of people are terrified, and I … Continue reading

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The Crooked House Always Wins

I like to write about politics on occasion, but I tend to doubt I’m changing anyone’s opinions. That rarely happens anyway, and I’m hardly an expert on how other people think. With this in mind, it’s so weird to me … Continue reading

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Define and Conquer

I’ve been thinking a bit about people not wanting to call themselves feminists because they don’t really know what the term means nowadays, as Bill Maher more or less put it. The thing is, I have to wonder if that’s … Continue reading

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Flip-Flopping Fun

I wanted to say something about the events that occurred recently involving gay marriage, both the President coming out in favor of it (good) and North Carolina voting to ban it (bad, but unfortunately not unexpected). I guess there’s not … Continue reading

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