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Say My Name, Say My Name

Names have a lot of power. Just try saying someone’s name when they’re across the room, and see how quickly they turn to look at you. The idea that names are somehow magical is something I first came across in … Continue reading

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Mixed Mythology Makes Mischief

It’s no secret that I enjoy fiction based on classical mythology, or that I put a little too much energy into pondering how crossovers work. And when something includes elements from the mythology of various cultures, it can often become … Continue reading

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Do Not Forget to Remember

My LiveJournal friend Laura mentioned a few weeks ago that she didn’t like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. because of Agent Coulson’s desire to hide things from the public, and that she disliked Men in Black for much the same reason. I … Continue reading

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Djinn and Men Together

Ptolemy’s Gate, by Jonathan Stroud – The last volume in the Bartimaeus Trilogy is a fitting end to the whole thing, with the various loose ends brought to a head. We finally have Nathaniel (otherwise known as John Mandrake) and … Continue reading

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Bartimaeus Is Back

The Golem’s Eye, by Jonathan Stroud – The second volume in the Bartimaeus Trilogy continues with a story seen from multiple points of view. One of the main characters is again Nathaniel, better known as John Mandrake, a young magician … Continue reading

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Djinni from the Block

The Amulet of Samarkand, by Jonathan Stroud – As you may recall, I had previously read the prequel to Stroud’s Bartimaeus Trilogy, but none of the books in the trilogy itself. I have now gotten around to reading the first … Continue reading

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Solomon Always Rings Twice

The Ring of Solomon, by Jonathan Stroud – When I wrote about the Testament of Solomon, Amy mentioned this book, which expands on the idea of Solomon being a magician who has a ring that gives him power over demons. … Continue reading

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