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Come On, Let’s Make Trouble Together Somehow

Karla Kane, King’s Daughters Home for Incurables – That title sounds like that of the Emilie Autumn book I’ve been reading. Anyway, Karla has been a friend on the online social media for some time now, and she’s also the … Continue reading

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If I’m Not Real, Then Who’s Been Dreaming Me?

The Corner Laughers, Matilda Effect – Reviewing albums by people you know, even just online, can be a bit awkward sometimes. This band was started by my LiveJournal and Facebook friends Karla Kane and Angela Silletto (now Rhoades), although Angela … Continue reading

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Two Black Cats Are Twice the Luck

The Corner Laughers, Poppy Seeds – This is the band of three people I know from LiveJournal, Karla, Angela, and Khoi. Actually, I think Angela doesn’t play so much with them since she moved to another state, but she was … Continue reading

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