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Working for the Yankee Dollar

The Puppini Sisters, Lost and Found – This album is a rarities collection that the group is offering as a bonus when buying some other stuff. I pre-ordered their next album, which has been delayed, so this is a nice … Continue reading

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We’re Fed Right Up with Diets

I came across a link to this article on Tumblr, and I’d say it’s spot-on. So much advertising for food these days is of the “you don’t have to feel guilty when you eat this” variety, which of course implies … Continue reading

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Kids Having Fun(damentalism)

I love how they’ll show old Christian kids’ shows at, like, 3 AM. It’s like they realize that no actual kids are going to watch that tripe. Personally, though, I find them fascinating on an ironic level. One of my … Continue reading

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Fucking with Fundamentalists

I remember asking before why hardcore fundamentalists like Ted Haggard often turn out to be into drugs and extramarital sex, and I believe it was Amy who said that evangelism was itself an addiction of sorts, so it’s no wonder … Continue reading

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She Kissed a Girl, and Jesus Liked It

I guess everyone needs someone they’re simultaneously attracted to and repulsed by, and one person who fits that bill for me is Katy Perry. I’ve already written about her, but I’m going to do so again, this time inspired by … Continue reading

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