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Getting Off the Tract

Holy Faceless God, Jack Chick died yesterday. Hey, isn’t that the day Bishop James Ussher claimed the world began in 4004 BC? I don’t know whether modern Young Earth Creationists still accept that date, but it still seems appropriate. You’ve … Continue reading

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Ham on Nye

So, there was a lot of talk about the debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham last night. I’ve already discussed my issues with Creationism many times, and these debates never really amount to anything. At least this one remained … Continue reading

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I’m Not a Real Doctor, But They Call Me Dr. Dino

Here’s something interesting I came across recently: Kent Hovind’s doctoral dissertation. His school, Patriot Bible University (with a name like that, it HAS to be good), has claimed that what was leaked is not the complete thesis, which might explain … Continue reading

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