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The Other Leading Bran

Today I’d like to take a look at one of the mythical Kings of Britain, the giant Bran Fendigaid, or Bran the Blessed. His name can mean “raven” or “crow,” and he was large enough to wade through seas. Exactly … Continue reading

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Arianrhod Take the Wheel

I recently came across the comic Everyday Gods, which chronicles the day-to-day doings of gods from several different cultures, most of whom live in the same neighborhood. While I was familiar with most of the gods involved and have written … Continue reading

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We Found Love in a Hopeless Myth

Am I the only one who wonders why the H is in a different position in the names of pop singer Rihanna and Welsh mythological character Rhiannon? Perhaps Rihanna’s name isn’t derived from Welsh, but what fun is that? Anyway, … Continue reading

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Fiddling Around with Fidchell

When I first started making game-related posts, Chris mentioned an old Celtic game called Fidchell. Looking for information on it, I found that it was mentioned in a lot of old stories, but how the game is played and what … Continue reading

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