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Oz in Four Parts

It seems that the division of Oz into separate countries is rather too neat, with all four countries being roughly the same size and shape, and each one color-coded. Is this just part of its being a magical fairyland, or … Continue reading

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Putting Superman on the Map

The well-known back story of Superman is that he was born on the planet Krypton, grew up in Smallville, and now lives in Metropolis. Do these places have any real-world analogs, though? Where, exactly, is Metropolis located? I did a … Continue reading

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Where’s Where in Wonderland

Yes, it’s more of my ongoing obsession with maps of fantasy lands. This time, we’re returning to Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland. As I mentioned here, it’s difficult to map a dream, as everything keeps changing around. Still, I came across some … Continue reading

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Misadventures in Mapping Mario

With my fondness for maps of fantasy lands, I’ve long had it in my head to make a map of the Mushroom World. I’m apparently not alone in this, as I’ve found a few such maps online. Not really that … Continue reading

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Imagi-National Studies

Just as Middle-Earth is a European fantasy land, Oz is an American one. That said, does its geography have any basis in that of the United States? I would say there’s some. In The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, the eastern … Continue reading

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Notes from Middle-Earth

There can be no doubt that Middle-Earth is a very European fantasy land. It’s based primarily on European mythology, particularly Norse and Teutonic as viewed through the lens of old England. The name “Middle-Earth” comes from Midgard, the world of … Continue reading

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A Geographic Wonderland

I’ve always liked maps of imaginary lands. They satisfy both my love of maps in general and my fondness for verisimilitude in fantasy. So it’s kind of a shame that two of my favorite books that don’t have “Oz” in … Continue reading

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