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They Don’t Know That We Are the Media

Amanda Palmer has become somewhat of a controversial figure, or at least was a few years ago. I get the impression that, when she married Neil Gaiman, a lot of his fans weren’t all that happy about it, and judged … Continue reading

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Well, It’s a Paradigm Shift Now

Are you all ready for some Mandatory Fun? “Weird Al” Yankovic’s fourteenth album just came out this week, and he says there’s a good chance it will be his last physical record. That’s not to say he’s retiring, just seriously … Continue reading

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Not Your Average Cho

Margaret Cho, Cho Dependent – Ms. Cho has never been my favorite comedian or anything, but I’ve always found her likeable, and a positive voice for gay rights and body acceptance. She’s actually pretty skinny now, but hopefully she lost … Continue reading

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Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion

Seriously, who names their kid “Bristol”? Anyway, though, Bristol Palin has been in the news a bit as of late, so here’s some music to get you in the mood: First of all, Keith Olbermann made Miss Bristol one of … Continue reading

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