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Down in the Trumps

As easy as it is to mock Melania Trump, who recently said she’d stand up against cyber-bullying despite her husband being such a severe troll that he’s not even allowed to use his professional Twitter account anymore (I’m thinking he … Continue reading

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It’s All About Hate

I wasn’t really planning to talk about the South Carolina shooting, because how much else can I really say about it? Obviously I think it was a terrible tragedy. What I was thinking about earlier today, however, was how State … Continue reading

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Ditch-Delivered by the Duggars

I’ve already written about the Duggars and don’t want to devote too much of my blog to those lowlifes, but their interview with Megyn “Santa Is White” Kelly really exposed them as even more monstrous than I might have thought, … Continue reading

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Santa Claus Is a Black Man

When Megyn Kelly of Fox News says she wants a white Christmas, she doesn’t mean it in quite the same way Irving Berlin did. By now there have been many responses to Kelly’s rant about how Santa Claus has to … Continue reading

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