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The Joker’s Not the Only Fool

Joker – SPOILERS! PRETTY MAJOR ONES AT THAT! My wife wanted to see this one, which is perhaps kind of weird considering that I’m the one who’s more into comic-based movies, and that there were rumors it was misogynistic (which … Continue reading

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A Heaping Helping of Hysteria

Ben-Hur – This is one of the old epic films that I thought I should watch, where the look and feel remain impressive even today, but the pacing is terrible. I’m not sure filmmakers in those days knew they could … Continue reading

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Hokum If You Got ‘Em

The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls, by Emilie Autumn – I believe I obtained this as a free eBook, which is good because I hear it was previously only available in an expensive and barely edited hardcover. I understand Emilie … Continue reading

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I Get a Thrill Being Mentally Ill

Here’s a pretty good Salon article from last month about how “mental illness” is used as a catch-all for the problems of mass murderers and the like, which has the effect of drawing attention away from racism, sexism, and gun … Continue reading

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