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I Couldn’t See the Rabbits Hiding Out of View

The Shawshank Redemption – We watched this one the night before going to see It, so I guess it was a Stephen King kind of weekend. The movie is pretty long for having been based on a novella, Rita Hayworth … Continue reading

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Next Time, Watch Out for Slime

The Long Utopia and The Long Cosmos, by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter – The last two books of what ended up becoming a five-book series, both published after Pratchett’s death, so I’m not sure how much input he actually … Continue reading

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Riddle Me This

When I first came across the term “riddles,” it was most likely referring to what you find in kids’ joke books, specifically puns or other simple jokes presented in question-and-answer format. You know, the “When is a door not a … Continue reading

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Everybody Poops Genius Pieces

Little People, by Tom Holt – This fantasy story, rather less epic than many of Holt’s works, is narrated by a boy who sees elves in his garden. After being sent away to boarding school by his stepfather, he falls … Continue reading

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A Campy Series

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp – Beth and I actually watched the original movie just a few years ago, even though she was a fan of The State back when it was still airing on television. I … Continue reading

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