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Jackasses of All Trades

I’d say this tweet sums things up pretty well as far as Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un go. There are some definite similarities, and not just the bad hair and total disregard for the people of their respective countries. No, … Continue reading

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Tempting Faith

To my mind, a skeptical or rational viewpoint (using these terms fairly loosely) involves not only refusing to automatically accept anything out of hand, but also not immediately rejecting anything. That’s not to say that all things are equal, however. … Continue reading

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Spirituality in Space

Beth was talking recently about how Neil deGrasse Tyson isn’t comfortable with being claimed by atheists, although his argument for it is basically that he doesn’t care for the term. I can understand where he’s coming from to a certain … Continue reading

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Peter and the Frauds

I’ve been known to listen to conservative Christian radio ironically, which I guess makes me a hipster or something. I must say that the music on these stations was really quite tedious. I know they say the Devil has all … Continue reading

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Go Find Your Saint

We’ve just finished with All Saints’ Day, and we’re technically into All Souls’ Day. I’m not sure what comes after that, but All Snacks Day would be nice. Basically, the end of October and beginning of November marked the beginning … Continue reading

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