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Trumped-Up Trickle-Down

I watched the first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump last night, and it was both entertaining and terrifying. Do these debates ever actually change anybody’s mind, or do viewers just want to see the person they don’t like … Continue reading

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I’m Like a Bird

I Am Big Bird – A documentary about Caroll Spinney, the guy who’s been performing as Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch since the beginning of Sesame Street back in 1969. While it’s really cool that he’s still doing this, … Continue reading

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All Take and No Giving

Aside from saying he was a doughnut [1], the most famous quote from President Kennedy was in his inaugural address: “Ask not what your country can do for you–ask what you can do for your country.” It was certainly powerful, … Continue reading

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The Exceptionalism That Proves the Rule

The phrase “American exceptionalism” has become a rather confusing one, in that it gets tossed around a lot, but it’s not entirely clear what it means. It’s sort of like “political correctness” in that respect. Does it mean general politeness … Continue reading

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Another Corporate Nightmare

I guess I’m addressing the Supreme Court decision about Hobby Lobby a little late in the game, but hey, I’ve been away from my computer for a while. Besides, I think I already covered it pretty well back in March. … Continue reading

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Sexist Silliness

I’ve been thinking about different levels of misogyny since seeing some of the reactions to Seth MacFarlane’s performance at the Oscars, and I have to suspect this commenter on a Jezebel article might have it right. Sure, Seth told some … Continue reading

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Presidential Race

So, why did President Obama win re-election? According to our old pal Bill O’Reilly, it’s because everyone other than white men is lazy. Yeah, that’s pretty much what he said. His actual words were, “The white establishment is now the … Continue reading

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A Sketchy Deal

Big Bird was apparently what most people took away from the first presidential debate, and it looks like that honor in the second goes to Mitt Romney’s binders full of women. The thing is, as ridiculous as that sounds, it … Continue reading

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Don’t Care About Health Care

Mitt Romney, the man who started a health care plan in Massachusetts that was a model for ObamaCare, is now saying that uninsured people don’t have to worry because they can just go to the emergency room. Shouldn’t that be … Continue reading

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Taking Debate

With fall coming on and the use of ghosts and witches as lawn decorations, we all know what time it is. That’s right! It’s presidential debate season again! And in case you missed it, here’s the complete debate. Well, mostly … Continue reading

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