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Thy Won’t Be Done

One thing I wonder about people who insist that the law should be based on their religion is why they think the civil authorities should be doing what they think God is supposed to do. Shouldn’t the Almighty do His … Continue reading

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When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Start Bitching

I wanted to say something about Bill O’Reilly losing his show at Fox News, because my wife used to hate-watch him fairly often, so I’ve been exposed to way too much of his angry old man shtick. He was an … Continue reading

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Bible Buffet

I have somewhat mixed feelings on the idea what might be considered salad bar religions, where adherents take a bit of this and that and mix them to taste. Neo-pagan religions are probably the best example, but they’re certainly not … Continue reading

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Fundamentalists on Fornication

This post on Slacktivist addresses some of the issues concerning the Duggars’ warped sense of morality, and that of fundamentalists in general. As another blogger puts it, fundamentalist sexual ethics can largely be summed up with two boxes, one for … Continue reading

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My Huckabee Friend

Beth sent me a link to a video of Jon Stewart interviewing Mike Huckabee. It’s short, but that didn’t stop it from really bugging me. The thing about Huckabee is that he comes across as rather friendly and affable, but … Continue reading

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An Arbitrary Arbiter

I found this article on religious fundamentalism and moral relativism to be quite interesting. It’s a topic I’ve seen mentioned before, particularly when a skeptic points out an objectionable passage in the Bible and gets a reply basically saying, “It … Continue reading

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BDSM: Biblical Domination, Salvation, and Masochism

I guess it’s pretty much a cliché at this point to ask why a loving god would want to throw people in Hell for eternity, but I don’t know that I’ve heard a valid answer. The conservative Christian radio stations, … Continue reading

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