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I Left My Soul in San Francisco

Weird Al: The Book, by Nathan Rabin with Al Yankovic – Weird Al has been highly influential on my tastes in both music and humor, so it’s a shame there hadn’t been a book about him. Well, actually, there was … Continue reading

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Dagda Nabbit!

Marvel Comics’ Thor series has incorporated gods from pantheons other than the Norse, although the degree to which they adhere to the original mythology varies quite a bit. The writers have added some of their own deities to the mix, … Continue reading

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I Am Become Death

I like to do a post around Halloween about horror or horror-adjacent movies I’ve watched, but since we still have out two Netflix we haven’t watched, you might have to wait until November for that. In the meantime, here are … Continue reading

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Did You Hear About the Morrigan?

One of the most prominent figures in Irish mythology is the Morrigan, probably meaning either “Great Queen” or “Phantom Queen,” although it’s a little unclear who she actually was. As with many old deities, her name and function might well … Continue reading

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