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Dorothy and the Dummies

Every once in a while, rumors of a new Oz movie surface, but very few of them ever actually make it to production. Did the poor box office showing of Return to Oz back in 1985 make Oz seem unprofitable? … Continue reading

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Beware the Jabberwock, My Son!

Recently, a post on Drew Mackie’s blog featured the appearance of the Jabberwocky from the 1985 made-for-TV Alice in Wonderland. This scene actually ended the first part of the movie, making the creators seem awfully sadistic. I’m not sure if … Continue reading

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A Remake on Elm Street

On Friday night, Beth and I saw the latest in the long line of horror movie remakes, this time of A Nightmare on Elm Street. Based on other such remakes, you’d expect that they really upped the sex, drugs, and … Continue reading

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Anyone who can learn to say “hands up” can learn to think like Robin Hood

I’d been meaning to do a Robin Hood post for a little while now, and it turns out that today is particularly appropriate, as he was a part of medieval English May Day celebrations. Specifically, the Robin Hood games were … Continue reading

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