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We Do Ritual Right

We’ve all heard the rumors about President Obama not properly saluting the flag, and while the whole thing was clearly taken out of context by people who were grasping at straws to discredit the guy, I have to wonder why … Continue reading

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Let the World Work

Here’s something I came across on Tumblr: Yeah, because we citizens really want those jobs picking lettuce, right? But here’s the thing. Even if undocumented immigrants ARE competing for the same jobs, why aren’t they just as entitled to them? … Continue reading

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Dee-scovery Is Our Aim and Purpose

One line in Grampa in Oz that never really rang true for me was when Prince Tatters meets Dorothy, and asks if she’s “[t]he Dorothy who discovered Oz.” Since Tatters is a native of Oz, however, this makes about as … Continue reading

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