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If Gasoline Is Their Food, Then Why Do They Have Teeth?

This weekend, we watched two very different movies, which happened to be the ones we had out from Netflix. Sophie’s Choice – Beth has looked for recommendations on movies that are total downers. I’m generally more into fiction that’s more … Continue reading

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Trump of the Apocalypse

I’ve remarked before on how strange it is that evangelical Christians (well, WHITE evangelical Christians, anyway) tend to be such fervent supporters of Donald Trump. While he professes to be a Presbyterian, he’s said he doesn’t need to seek forgiveness, … Continue reading

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Magic, She Wrote

Bedknobs and Broomsticks – I seem to recall liking this movie pretty well as a kid, although even then I recognized it as kind of a second-rate Mary Poppins. It’s again set in England with precocious children, a stern caretaker … Continue reading

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