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Oh, What a Joy for Every Girl and Boy

Back in September, my friend Amy wrote a post on the Beatles’ Abbey Road in honor of its fiftieth anniversary. I had meant to write some kind of reply, but I never got around to it, so I’m doing so … Continue reading

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A Portable Port of a Prequel

I finished the Game Boy Color version of Dragon Warrior III last week, so I might as well say a bit about it. You probably already know this, but the series was always Dragon Quest in Japan, but became Dragon … Continue reading

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Three by Pee-Wee

I hadn’t yet watched the newest Pee-wee Herman movie that came out about three years ago, nor had I seen his second from 1988, so I figured I might as well watch all three of his films back-to-back. Well, not … Continue reading

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Gotta Have a Gimmick

Today’s topic is gimmicky games with motorized parts. Since there isn’t a whole lot to most of these, the descriptions are rather short, but I did include the commercials I remember from my childhood. Kind of bizarre to get nostalgic … Continue reading

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