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The Divine Competition

As someone who doesn’t believe in any gods, it’s rather curious to me that the major religions in the world today are all monotheistic, while back in the day they were all polytheistic. Akhenaten certainly didn’t have much luck introducing … Continue reading

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Arianrhod Take the Wheel

I recently came across the comic Everyday Gods, which chronicles the day-to-day doings of gods from several different cultures, most of whom live in the same neighborhood. While I was familiar with most of the gods involved and have written … Continue reading

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Demotion to Demons

One of many reasons I’m skeptical of religion, or at least of why one religion is better than another, is how political it all seems. The most successful religion in a particular nation or region isn’t necessarily the one that … Continue reading

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The Christians and the Pagans Sat Together at the Stone Table

One thing you’ll almost certainly notice in the Chronicles of Narnia is that, for a Christian series, there are a lot of beings from pagan mythology hanging out there. In addition to all the nymphs and fauns, there are wood-gods … Continue reading

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