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Platforms for Prejudice

I’ve frequently heard that, if you let racists or other hatemongers speak, they’ll defeat themselves. And that’s true…in some people’s minds. I think the fact that our current President ran on a bunch of white nationalist garbage and conspiracy theories … Continue reading

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The Ninety-Eight Words We Don’t Say

I generally like Bill Maher, even if I don’t agree with everything he says. On his most recent show (actually his next-to-most-recent now; I started this post a few days ago), he brought up a few interesting points. One is … Continue reading

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The Exceptionalism That Proves the Rule

The phrase “American exceptionalism” has become a rather confusing one, in that it gets tossed around a lot, but it’s not entirely clear what it means. It’s sort of like “political correctness” in that respect. Does it mean general politeness … Continue reading

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PC World

A few years ago, I saw a comment to the effect that the term “politically correct” had come to be too vague, and to encompass so many different things that it’s unclear what someone is actually talking about when they … Continue reading

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