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Toying with the Occult

Ah, the Ouija Board. Who doesn’t love the idea of a means of possession by evil spirits that you can buy at Toys “R” Us? I’ve never used one myself, but I’ve heard plenty of stories of girls at sleepovers … Continue reading

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Damon and Pythias Are Friends

My mom told me before that she had wanted to name me Damon, but decided not to because of The Omen, which had come out in the year before I was born. The name of the Antichrist in that movie … Continue reading

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Homunculus Is By Your Side

One term I’ve come across in several places but haven’t been entirely sure what it means is “homunculus.” So I looked it up on Wikipedia, everyone’s favorite source for information that is probably at least partially true, and the indication … Continue reading

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Philo’s Cabinet

This week’s important personage in the history of religion is someone I can’t recall having learned about prior to reading about him in a book a few months ago, but what I learned about him there made me wonder why … Continue reading

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