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Fairy Tales from the Final Frontier

I haven’t been doing a lot of book reviews recently, have I? Well, maybe I have and just can’t remember. Regardless, I just finished one book and had a few others I didn’t think I could say enough about to … Continue reading

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Living La Vida Levana

Fairest, by Marissa Meyer – I’ve been enjoying the Lunar Chronicles series so far, and while I believe it was originally intended to be four books, this prequel actually came out before the fourth one. Unlike the others, I don’t … Continue reading

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Cyborg Monday

I have both a movie review and a book review to write, and since they both have something to do with cyborgs, I suppose I might as well combine them into one post. The movie is RoboCop. No, not the … Continue reading

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Big, Bad, and Genetically Engineered

Scarlet, by Marissa Meyer – The second volume in the Lunar Chronicles turns to another fairy tale, “Little Red Riding Hood.” Since this story is shorter and less involved than “Cinderella,” there aren’t quite as many references to the original … Continue reading

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