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Peter and the Frauds

I’ve been known to listen to conservative Christian radio ironically, which I guess makes me a hipster or something. I must say that the music on these stations was really quite tedious. I know they say the Devil has all … Continue reading

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Rage Against the Radio

Radio On: A Listener’s Diary, by Sarah Vowell – A younger and crankier Vowell listened to the radio constantly in 1995, and left her comments on it for the world to see. Much of it was pretty negative, but there’s … Continue reading

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The All Ighty Ollar

There was some radio call-in show that I flipped past recently where people were talking about giving money to the church, and whether or not it was a scam. The way I see it, there’s nothing necessarily wrong with a … Continue reading

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I’m Battle-Tested Bayonets

Beth made me listen to this Charlie Sheen interview by conspiracy theorist and Rush Limbaugh sound-alike Alex Jones. I love when insecure celebrities do the bit about how people criticize them because they’re jealous. Yeah, because it’s always been MY … Continue reading

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And All the Science, I Don’t Understand

When my wife was flipping through radio channels recently, as she is wont to do when we’re in the car together, we heard some preacher guy making the same tired points about how science is wrong on evolution and the … Continue reading

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The One-Way Street to Salvation

One quote I hear pretty often on the Christian radio stations is from John 14:6: “No man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” Considering how much of your act you ripped off from earlier philosophers and religious leaders, Jesus, … Continue reading

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