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Is Being a Jerk a Pre-Existing Condition?

You’ve probably heard by now about how the latest Republican health care bill has passed the House of Representatives, and Donald Trump and his cronies had a big celebration over taking health care away from a bunch of Americans. I … Continue reading

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Stand by Your Madman

I have to suspect that part of the reason Republicans have trouble distancing themselves from Donald Trump is that conservatism promotes loyalty to a leader as long as they’re officially on your side. There’s a reason monarchy and fascism are … Continue reading

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The Trials of Tribalism

Occasionally, I’ll hear a bit of weird tribalism I just don’t understand. Like, I believe Donald Trump recently said something about how you wouldn’t like it if you lost your job to an undocumented immigrant. I don’t want to lose … Continue reading

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For Better or for War

One thing on which all the Republican presidential candidates seem to agree is that our military just isn’t big enough. You know, they could have fooled me, because I thought it was incredibly bloated already. Apparently we don’t have as … Continue reading

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Bernie Can’t Win, Trump Can’t Break Even, and Hillary Can’t Get Out of the Game

One political issue on which I’m somewhat divided is that of voting for the candidate you actually like (well, relatively speaking) versus voting for the person you think can beat the one you don’t like. A lot of the time … Continue reading

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President Kill Wants Killing Again

The Republican debate was, what, the twentieth this year or something? And why are they still doing the kids’ table debates? I like to use Twitter during the debates because it makes me feel like I’m part of something, a … Continue reading

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Crack That Whip

One throwaway question from the last Republican presidential debate that’s been getting some attention is what woman the candidates would put on the ten-dollar bill. Seems like it would have been easy enough to answer, but some of them named … Continue reading

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