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Dying for a Good Harvest

Beth and I recently watched two movies that we’d sort of associated with Thanksgiving, even though neither of them actually mentioned it or took place then. There are SPOILERS for both. Little Giants – I’d seen this when I was … Continue reading

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Don’t Feed the Plants

Beth had bought some tickets for an Off-Broadway production of Little Shop of Horrors at the Westside Theatre, and we saw it last night. I don’t think I actually saw the musical movie with Rick Moranis until college. I remember … Continue reading

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Mooks, Monkeys, and Mercs

My Blue Heaven – Rick Moranis was one of Beth’s first crushes, and she’s still a fan, but she hadn’t seen this before. I actually had, but I didn’t remember it all that well. It stars Steve Martin as an … Continue reading

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Bearing Your Soul

Brother Bear – I really knew very little about this film before watching it today. I knew that a boy turned into a bear, Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis reprised their roles as the McKenzie Brothers from SCTV in the … Continue reading

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Who You Gonna Call?

Beth and I watched both Ghostbusters films last night. It had been a while since either of us had seen them, and they definitely hold up. I had actually remembered the first one including more of the guys catching individual … Continue reading

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