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Can Anybody Help Me Turn Off the Poisonousness?

They Might Be Giants, The Escape Team – This is a weird sort of project based on a series of characters that the band developed with artist David Cowles. I remember seeing a few of the videos back on the … Continue reading

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I Don’t Need a Rationale to Sing the Internationale

They Might Be Giants, My Murdered Remains – Even though TMBG’s albums tend to have a lot of songs, there are also quite a few they record that don’t make the cut, many of which are still quite good or … Continue reading

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And Sometimes Why

They Might Be Giants, Why? – This is the band’s fifth children’s album, intended as a follow-up to their first of that sort, 2002’s No! The other three, produced by Disney, were topic-specific and intended primarily for young children. This … Continue reading

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Now I Know My ABCs

When listening to albums randomly the other day, the They Might Be Giants record Here Come the ABCs came up. This is one of the children’s albums they did for Disney, and as such it doesn’t stand up to repeated … Continue reading

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Grow the Nanobots Up

They Might Be Giants, Nanobots – A quick glance at this album reveals that it has twenty-five songs, but some of them are really short. In addition to being the title of one song in particular, the album title seems … Continue reading

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It Might Be a New Year

Beth and I rang in this new year with They Might Be Giants at the Williamsburg Hall of Music in Brooklyn. It was a pretty nice venue, and surprisingly not too crowded, considering that the show was supposed to have … Continue reading

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Miles to Go

I’d like to take a moment to recommend Meow Meow Music, a short Web-based show starring Amy Miles and her cat LeRoy, also featuring Robin Goldwasser and Chris Anderson. Some of you may remember that Amy, Robin, and Chris are … Continue reading

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Ukulele Me

Is it just a reflection of my own taste in music, or is the ukulele, previously relegated mostly to novelty tunes and Hawaiian music, been enjoying somewhat of a comeback in recent years? I like to think it’s at least … Continue reading

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