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Magic, She Wrote

Bedknobs and Broomsticks – I seem to recall liking this movie pretty well as a kid, although even then I recognized it as kind of a second-rate Mary Poppins. It’s again set in England with precocious children, a stern caretaker … Continue reading

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To Prejudge a Predator

Zootopia – Since I’d seen all of the previous Disney animated classics, I wanted to try to see new ones at the theater, and I failed with this one. Instead, I just watched it last night. It was a pretty … Continue reading

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Video World Tour

I recently came across this old Metroid discussion forum topic about the location in Captain N actually CALLED “Metroid.” Within the game, a Metroid is an organism, not a place. Their home world is the planet SR-388. Captain N tended … Continue reading

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Oo-de-Lally, Oo-de-Lally, Golly, What a Day

In our ongoing look back at Disney’s animated features, we come to 1973 and Robin Hood, a very American take on the classic English folk tales of the outlaw who robbed from the rich and gave to the poor. I’ve … Continue reading

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The Beanstalker

We all know the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, in which a poor boy is scammed into trading his cow for a few beans. Except it isn’t really a scam, because the beans automatically grow into a beanstalk, which … Continue reading

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Anyone who can learn to say “hands up” can learn to think like Robin Hood

I’d been meaning to do a Robin Hood post for a little while now, and it turns out that today is particularly appropriate, as he was a part of medieval English May Day celebrations. Specifically, the Robin Hood games were … Continue reading

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