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I Know Those Words, But That Sign Makes No Sense

White Christmas – I guess this was the last of our Christmas viewing for the year, although it’s mostly not even about Christmas. It’s a sort of a spiritual follow-up to Holiday Inn, which I haven’t seen, but apparently has blackface … Continue reading

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The Game Names

The name “Gannon” is now on the list of top baby names, but unfortunately it probably doesn’t have anything to do with the blue pig from the Zelda games. The poorly written opening story in the original Legend of Zelda … Continue reading

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Still I Think He’s Rather Tasty

Aladdin – I’ve always liked this movie quite a bit. I saw it three times at the theater, which was a lot for me, although I’m sure some of you have seen films at the theater more times than that. … Continue reading

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I Yam What I Yam

Popeye (1980) – While I’ve been a fan of Popeye for some time, this was actually the first time I’d seen Robert Altman’s film about the spinach-eating sailor. I believe it was Robin Williams’ film debut, and while I can’t … Continue reading

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