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Don’t Be a Heel, Achilles

Glory of Heracles – Released for the DS in 2010 (2008 in Japan), this is actually the fifth game in a Japanese series (sixth counting a spin-off), but so far the only one to be translated into English. And I … Continue reading

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Next Time, Watch Out for Slime

The Long Utopia and The Long Cosmos, by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter – The last two books of what ended up becoming a five-book series, both published after Pratchett’s death, so I’m not sure how much input he actually … Continue reading

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Learning to Dungeon Crawl

I’ve written before about how role-playing video games don’t necessarily let you play a role, mostly due to programming limitations. This article made me think of the topic again, and I get the impression that they’re mostly just role-playing games … Continue reading

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Fight It Out!

My post last week about wandering monsters in video role-playing games got me thinking about some of the strange aspects of battle mode in general. When you run into monsters, the screen tends to fade out and send you into … Continue reading

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Look Out, There’s a Monster Coming

I read a post today about random encounters in role-playing video games, and I agree that they can be pretty annoying. It actually works both ways, too. Not only do enemies tend to randomly show up at the least opportune … Continue reading

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Role Control

As a fan of role-playing video games, I feel I should mention that most of them really don’t feature true role-playing, in the sense of really getting into a character’s head. Do you really play the role of Cloud Strife … Continue reading

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Bringing Ozzy Back

Here are some reviews of a few Oz-related items: Adventures in Oz: Fantasy Roleplaying Beyond the Yellow Brick Road, by F. Douglas Wall – This the guidebook for an Oz role-playing game, an idea that I’ve seen come up from … Continue reading

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