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All Right, THIS Time for Sure!

It’s weird when people insist that we’re living in the End Times because of evidence in the Bible, when I think reading the Bible is a good indication that this is a false alarm. Biblical prophets have been predicting that … Continue reading

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Larry Flynt Is Right! You Guys Suck!

Stephen Hawking’s recent statement that the Universe could and would have created itself without the interference of God is interesting, but really not anything new. I think it’s been quite well established that the Universe COULD have come into being … Continue reading

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Horsing Around

You might well know that Link’s horse in the Zelda games is named Epona, but do you know where the name comes from? Well, maybe you do, but I didn’t at first. Epona is actually a goddess of horses, and … Continue reading

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The One-Way Street to Salvation

One quote I hear pretty often on the Christian radio stations is from John 14:6: “No man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” Considering how much of your act you ripped off from earlier philosophers and religious leaders, Jesus, … Continue reading

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