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Super-Duper Superficial

I’m inclined to think that, as humans, we all have somewhat of a tendency to be superficial. It’s not fair, but it’s incredibly common. What I’m particularly interested in here, however, is how people will mix superficial complaints in with … Continue reading

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I Really Didn’t Say Everything I Said

One topic that comes up fairly enough is that of quotations that everyone knows, but are wrong in some way. They might be misattributed, or they might be somewhat off. The other day, Beth was reading a Cracked article recently … Continue reading

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License to Drivel

Sarah Palin promoting Donald Trump makes a lot of sense. Even though one’s from the country and the other from the city, they have a similar speaking style: abrasive, offensive, mostly nonsensical, in a strong regional accent, and seemingly confident. … Continue reading

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I’ll Be a Dirty Word

This article that I discussed in an earlier post touches on a subject I thought might be worth another post, which is that of Penn Jillette referring to women as “cunts” on social media. I generally like Penn, but I … Continue reading

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Christmas Is a Time When People of All Religions Come Together to Worship Jesus Christ

On Christmas Day, Beth and I caught a little of Bill O’Reilly continuing to sell his War on Christmas. Hey, what can we say? The Fox News crowd loves war. Sadly, I don’t think he’s used the term “Blitzenkrieg,” although … Continue reading

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Sexist Silliness

I’ve been thinking about different levels of misogyny since seeing some of the reactions to Seth MacFarlane’s performance at the Oscars, and I have to suspect this commenter on a Jezebel article might have it right. Sure, Seth told some … Continue reading

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PC World

A few years ago, I saw a comment to the effect that the term “politically correct” had come to be too vague, and to encompass so many different things that it’s unclear what someone is actually talking about when they … Continue reading

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Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion

Seriously, who names their kid “Bristol”? Anyway, though, Bristol Palin has been in the news a bit as of late, so here’s some music to get you in the mood: First of all, Keith Olbermann made Miss Bristol one of … Continue reading

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