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Clash of the Tightwads

Probably the only thing Americans can all agree on is that ten candidates in one debate is too many. So, in last night’s debate on CNN, they instead had…eleven. I blame the defunding of public schools. I can’t help finding … Continue reading

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In for Mike Pence, Out for Mike Pounds

I made a tweet today to the effect that 1 April would be the perfect time for Indiana to declare that their deceptively-named Religious Freedom Restoration Act is an elaborate hoax. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that’s happening. In truth, … Continue reading

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We All Hate Poverty, War, and Injustice, Unlike the Rest of You Squares

The latest episode of Real Time (which, by the way, had John Waters on the panel) ended with Bill Maher talking about Occupy Wall Street, which I kind of didn’t know was still a thing. Then again, I also forget … Continue reading

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Snipping, Snipping, Snipping Goes the Christie Man

Here in New Jersey, we somehow ended up stuck with a governor named Christopher Christie, which could help to explain why he’s such a jerk. He seems to be gaining in national prominence, but I have to say I get … Continue reading

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