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When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Start Bitching

I wanted to say something about Bill O’Reilly losing his show at Fox News, because my wife used to hate-watch him fairly often, so I’ve been exposed to way too much of his angry old man shtick. He was an … Continue reading

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Stand by Your Madman

I have to suspect that part of the reason Republicans have trouble distancing themselves from Donald Trump is that conservatism promotes loyalty to a leader as long as they’re officially on your side. There’s a reason monarchy and fascism are … Continue reading

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It’s All About Hate

I wasn’t really planning to talk about the South Carolina shooting, because how much else can I really say about it? Obviously I think it was a terrible tragedy. What I was thinking about earlier today, however, was how State … Continue reading

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We All Hate Poverty, War, and Injustice, Unlike the Rest of You Squares

The latest episode of Real Time (which, by the way, had John Waters on the panel) ended with Bill Maher talking about Occupy Wall Street, which I kind of didn’t know was still a thing. Then again, I also forget … Continue reading

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Flip-Flopping Fun

I wanted to say something about the events that occurred recently involving gay marriage, both the President coming out in favor of it (good) and North Carolina voting to ban it (bad, but unfortunately not unexpected). I guess there’s not … Continue reading

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Patriarchal Priorities

You might know by now that my wife enjoys forcing me to watch terrible television. Last night (and fairly often, really) it was Sean Hannity, and he’s STILL on about how the government is stifling the freedom of religion by … Continue reading

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Anoint Me Slowly

I’ve recently seen it suggested that the practice of anointing an official in oil dates back to Egypt, where such a ceremony is represented in images of coronations. It has been proposed that, symbolically speaking, the anointment transfers the power … Continue reading

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Global Warming (It’s Hot!)

Wow, there’s an entire blog devoted to comics based on misunderstanding of global warming. Cartoonists, you DO know that global warming can actually result in MORE snow, right? Besides, it’s not LOCAL warming, so the fact that it’s colder than … Continue reading

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